Friday, 23 February 2018

Gingerbread board!

We made houses for the gingerbread baby and he said:
I'm the gingerbread baby,
as happy as I can be
to be living in the house  that
__________ made for me!

Run run, 
as fast as you can,
you can't catch me
I am the gingerbread

Our Gingerbread men(Part II)

Here is Tadhg with the whole lot of gingerbread men that we did ready to stick them into the oven :D

 Look at Jason's gingerbread man, he tried to run from us! :O

 This little fella didn't try to run but some of the other ones had their legs like running!! We were faster than them and we SNAP them like the fox did to the gingerbread man in the story. They were delicious!

 Our friend Johan , from next door, came to decorate with us some of the gingerbread men. We did 26 gingerbread men! They were way too many just for ourselves so we decided to share them with our friends from next door.

Making our own Gingerbread man !

On January we were reading the Gingerbread Man Story so...we did our own gingerbread men. We had great fun making them and getting a bit messy. Here you'll see some of the pictures that our teacher took of us while making them.

 Tadhg did a fantastic job measuring all the ingredients. :)